Pricing your Projects for Profit – WordCamp Atlanta 2018 Panel


At WordCamp Atlanta 2018 earlier this year, I had the opportunity to speak about Pricing.

Given my current sales role at Sideways8, I felt I had a really good grasp on the subject and was ready to monotonously talk to the audience for 45 minutes non stop about it! After spending some time putting together a presentation where I would talk to everyone about my thoughts, I decided it would be better to include more people into the conversation.

I needed a few folks that were doing the same type of work, at different price points, and with different backgrounds.

WordCamp allowed me to host a panel and I called in my friends Judi Knight owner of New Tricks, Victor Victor Ramirez owner of Abstract Agency, and Danny Peavy from One Week Website.

Each of these people has been running successful “service based” businesses building websites, and have unique viewpoints on how to package and price their services. I appreciate the opportunity to host this topic. I’m confident we could have spent an entire day on it.

If you find this to be helpful, share it with someone that could use a boost in owning their value and upping their prices.

Thanks for watching!

Click here to download the presentation in PDF format.

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