Who is Bret Phillips?


Website Superhero

It's just a joke, kind of.

Though I have been known to save the day in real time with a crowd of astonished onlookers.

My goal is to unload what I know about building websites from my unique perspective.

People have always told me I was good at teaching technical things. I'm going to lean into that.

This information could be valuable for website designers, and website agencies, marketing teams, or anyone who owns their own business or manages their own brand.

Let's work together to create a better internet.

Story Time!

I started building websites in 2009 and worked with solo entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 companies, and at WordPress-specific website agencies, occupying different positions such as programmer, project manager, sales, and director of web development.

The WordPress journey

I'm a big fan of WordPress, the largest content management system by users online with a generous global community. Almost 43% of all websites online are using WordPress. I co-organized the Atlanta WordPress Users Group, the Atlanta and US WordCamps for several years and spoke at other WordCamps around the country.

It is the largest (by users) content management system online right now. It's open source and coupled with the most generous, friendly global community

At the start of 2023, almost 43% of all websites online are using WordPress.

Speaker or Organizer

Atlanta, GA - 2012, 2014, 2017, 2018
Tampa, FL - 2015
Dallas Fort-Worth - 2018
Atlanta - 2017, 2018
US - 2019

My first business

In 2009, I started Web Devils, offering everything related to internet marketing. I dropped everything except development services for WordPress websites, hiring others for coding, and focusing on helping designers turn their website designs into themes.

The merger

To continue my company's growth, I merged with another digital marketing agency, Sideways8, focusing on sales, systems, and processes.

The acquisition

The company was acquired, I was ultimately let go in December 2019, followed by a pandemic in March 2020. Things were not looking great.

So what happened next?

I started Facilitate Digital, offering small website building, management, and hosting. I also had a small contract opportunity with a non-profit that helps other non-profits build WordPress websites. Eventually joining the amazing WordPress agency Web Dev Studios as Digital Strategist and am currently Director of Web Development for a real estate brokerage.

Why does any of this matter?

Through my experience, I've learned about running a business, working with teams, building websites, prioritizing user experience, and finding the best WordPress tools for my workflow.

It's my goal to share what I've learned through lessons and much time to help others move more quickly on their website journey.

Want to talk?

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