More often than not, I'm found working on websites or working on music. Occasionally they cross paths.

I've been fully immersed in technology since being a child and have grown into a career revolving around it.

This website is a starting point for learning more about me as a digital business consultant.

What does a Digital Business Consultant do?

You'll most likely run in to me in the early stages of your project.

Though I started off as a website developer, I moved into project management, and now more specifically into sales.

Having worked inside each different phase of a website and online strategy project, I have a strong understanding of everything that goes into that process.

This gives me a better opportunity to help guide you through that process.

People often tell me that I do a great job of talking about technical concepts and ideas just as easily with those that don't understand it (many business owners), and those that do (developers).

It's my goal to make sure your project is the right fit for our team, as well as help you identify and gather all the necessary elements (my discovery process) to get you from start to finish.

Am I Qualified?

In 2009 I started my own web development business called Web Devils.  It grew from a single person freelancing into a multiple person development shop.

We've launched and worked on hundreds of websites during that time, all of them using the WordPress platform. I guess you could say we are WordPress experts though we try not to 'lead' with the platform and focus more on your business and how to solve those problems.

In 2016 I merged that company with another business called Sideways8.

I've also been through and certified by WP Elevation, who have the #1 business development program specific to the digital world.

WP Elevation is a global business mastermind group for WordPress consultants that helps its members better serve their clients through communication, development workflow and project management best practices. WP Elevation gives its members access to ongoing education and a community of peers for support and continued professional development.

WP Elevation has helped me take my business from just getting by to having a streamlined path to success for every project.

I keep mentioning WordPress, what is it?


It is the largest content management system available online right now, coupled with the most generous and friendly community around the world.

At the start of 2017, almost 30% of all websites online were using WordPress.

Currently I help co-organizer the Atlanta WordPress Users Group, am helping to organize the 2018 Atlanta WordCamp, and have been lucky enough to present and speak at other WordCamps in the past.